You can get ooVoo for free on your PC or your Mac and start video chatting right away. ooVoo’s desktop application allows you to video chat with your friends and family on their own PCs or Macs, and also on their smartphones (iOS, Android) and tablets.
ooVoo for Desktop Features:
  • Group video calls with up to 12 people
  • Record and send video messages
  • Record and upload calls to YouTube
  • Send instant messages to your contacts on ooVoo
  • Set up a web chat room for free
What are you waiting for? Start making video calls today


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  1. Yeah I joined like yesterday than I upgrade to Windows 8 Pro and now have to re-install but thats ok it looks like it could be really cool to Video Chat with. I like it because Google use to do this where you could talk to like thousands of people at once! :) I also like www.stickam.com/rodwarrix where it gots some cool things to do while Video Chatting with others like 7 others! So yeah if your reading this check me out on ooVoo or my site. Peace and lets enjoy the internet together!